Ferry Svan won the gold medal in the season's first TIMBERSPORTS® competition, despite disqualification in the last discipline. In total, Sweden won three golds during the competition weekend.

First part of the TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Cup decided – three gold medals for Sweden and one for Denmark

This weekend, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian athletes gathered in Falun, Sweden, to kick off the TIMBERSPORTS® season. Sweden grabbed three out of four golds, in the competition classes Pro, Intermediate and Rookie. In the women's class, it was a successful start to the competition season for Danish Felixia Banck, with a gold medal and two Nordic records.


A total of 23 Nordic athletes gathered in Sweden for the first part of the Nordic Cup. In the Pro class, Ferry Svan and Emil Hansson fought for first place, where Emil Hansson had the lead for a long time. When it was time for the fourth discipline, Single Buck, Ferry caught up and placed himself one point ahead of Hansson. In the final discipline, Hot Saw, all six Pro athletes where disqualified, and Ferry Svan thus managed to retain first place.

– I think the competition went well. It was a little rusty, considering that it is the first competition of the season, says Ferry Svan and continues:
– Despite a bit of trouble in Springboard, that discipline felt extra good, and overall I'm satisfied with my performance. I felt that I wasn't quite at my best and will therefore try to find my form for the next competition, and grind away small mistakes.

Danish gold in the women's class
Last year's season was the first with female athletes in the Nordic competition system. The 2022 edition of the Nordic Cup ended with a bronze medal for Denmark's Felixia Banck, but this year she won the gold medal in the tournament's first competition. In addition, Felixia set two Nordic women's records in the disciplines Stock Saw (11.18 seconds) and Single Buck (19.20 seconds).

– It feels absolutely fantastic to take home the gold medal. In addition to the records, I am particularly satisfied with my performance in Underhand Chop, says Felixia Banck.

Gold medals for Sweden in Rookie and Intermediate
In the Intermediate class, Sweden's Emil Svensson took the gold medal ahead of compatriot Kim Wolke and Norway's Bart Gevers in second and third place, respectively. Along with the bronze medal, the Norwegian also took a new Intermediate world record of 14.73 seconds in the Single Buck discipline. In the Rookie class, Swedish Edvin Karlsson lived up to the expectations and took home the gold medal in his competition class. In addition, he took Nordic Rookie records in the Standing Block Chop (16.11 seconds) and Underhand Chop (19.45 seconds) classes.

Busy competition season
After the Dala Game Fair in Falun, competition number two awaits in Malung, July. Round three is arranged in the Swedish national team's home town of Orsa, and the last round of the Nordic Cup takes place in Svenljunga, at the end of September. The season contains highlights in the form of both Nordic and international competitions. Among other things, the Swedish professional athletes Ferry Svan and Emil Hansson will travel to Rotterdam on June 9-10, together with Rookie athlete Edvin Karlsson. Ferry and Emil then participate in the World Trophy competition, while Edvin represents Sweden in the Rookie World Championship. On August 11-13, the Nordic elite will also gather in Elverum for the Nordic Championship 2023 and on the weekend of November 3-4 the TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship awaits in Stuttgart.

Here is the Nordic Cup 2023 held:
- May 26-28, the first competition of the Nordic Cup was held in Falun.
- July 21-22, the Nordic Cup continues with part two in Malung.
- August 5-6, the third round of the Nordic Cup will be held in Orsa.
- September 23-24, the Nordic Cup will be decided with the fourth part of the competition in Svenljunga.

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