Picture from beginners' camp October 2019

Increased interest in STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® beginners camp among women

The awareness for TIMBERSPORTS® is increasing, as well as the interest for the sport, which is known for testing the athlete in strength, technique and endurance. During the first beginners' camp of the year, which is held this weekend, it is the first time in Sweden that more women than men have registered. 

Led by the Swedish national team captain, Hans-Ove Hansson, the TIMBERSPORTS® beginners' camp is held in the official training facility in Orsa, Dalarna County. The participants, all between the age of 25 and 43, will during two days be taught the sports spectacular disciplines with axes, chainsaws and a crosscut saw. 

One of the participants is Åsa Nordberg, 33 years old from Stockholm. During the fitness fair Fitnessfestivalen 2019 she discovered the sport and where she had the opportunity to try a couple of the disciplines.

“I have always liked professions and sports where you have to work hard. I work as a gardener and visited Fitnessfestivalen to compete in deadlift, when I discovered TIMBERSPORTS®. I tried a couple of disciplines and it was fun. A few weeks later I signed up for the beginners' camp. I am very excited to learn more and to train with others. My goal is to compete in STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®,” says Åsa. 

At the moment, there is no competition series for women but the organizer would like to see a change in that. More women than men have signed up for the upcoming camp, which speaks for a bright future. 

”It is our ambition and dream to have a competition series for women during the Nordic Championships later this year. Many of the great nations within in TIMBERSPORTS® have series for both men and women, for example Germany, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand,” says Hans-Ove Hansson. 

In the extreme sport STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® the athletes compete to cut and saw through wooden blocks in the fastest possible time. It is a sport that requires strength, precision and excellent physical condition. To be able to train on your own and to compete, all beginners’ need to participate in a camp and be approved. Hans-Ove Hansson is the only certified trainer for TIMBERSPORTS® in the Nordics. 

”The safety is always the highest priority and it is of utmost importance that you are able to handle the equipment correctly. By teaching the sport in a good way, we are able to control that the athletes continuously think of the safety and have respect for the equipment,” says Hans-Ove.