Ferry Svan was crowned Cup Champion after taking first place in the final round of TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Cup 2023.


The final and deciding round of TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Cup 2023 was held in Svenljunga, Sweden, last Saturday. Ferry Svan, tipped as favourite to win, lived up to expectations and was named the overall winner of the Nordic Cup 2023 after claiming the fourth and final gold medal in the Pro division.  Going into the fourth round, Denmark’s Felixia Banck held two victories in the women’s division, and coming third at the weekend secured an overall victory in the Nordic Cup 2023.

TIMBERSPORTS® athletes from Sweden, Norway and Denmark met at the College of Natural Resources in the Swedish town of Svenljunga for the fourth and final tournament of the Nordic Cup 2023. The Cup has been running throughout the summer with the athletes competing individually in three, four or six disciplines, depending on the division and competition format. In the Pro division, Sweden’s Ferry Svan was close on the heels of fellow Swede Emil Hansson at the beginning, and managed to close the gap in the final disciplines. After the last discipline, Hot Saw, both Hansson and Svan had 37 points each. Ferry Svan’s total time was four seconds faster than Hansson’s, which gave him the fourth and final gold medal – and thus the title of overall champion in the Nordic Cup 2023.

– I’m incredibly happy to have won all four rounds and the trophy of the Championship. I didn’t think I’d pull it off today, but with a few seconds on my side I had the win in the bag. I really like this format of the Cup. It gives you the chance to test your form several times during the season. I’m pleased with my season. I’ve set two European records and my performance in both Hot Saw and Springboard has greatly improved. Although I’m not very satisfied with how the Nordic Championship turned out this year, I have become better and that’s important for me, Svan says.
–Next up are the tournaments with the national team in the USA, and then it’s the team World Championship for me in early November. After that it will be generally training, assessing the year and starting to look ahead to the next season.

Athletes in the Rookie, Intermediate and Women’s divisions competed on Sunday. In the Women’s division, Denmark’s Felixia Banck, who won two of the four rounds, was declared winner of the trophy. Banck got off to a tough start with a disqualification in Stock Saw, but managed to pull back and finish in third place behind Tove Njåstad. Her performance at the weekend meant that Banck had accumulated the most points at the end of the fourth round and she was therefore crowned the winner of the Nordic Cup 2023.

It feels amazing to end the season as the winner of the Cup. I’ve been working hard for this since last season, so I’m tremendously proud of my progress. There’s an awful lot of training, determination and passion behind this. You need to maintain a high level throughout the Cup and that helps you develop and improve, says Felixia Banck.

Edvin Karlsson has been at the top of the Rookie division throughout the Cup and won the fourth round at the weekend, making him the winner of the Cup, with Denmark’s Esben Pedersen in second place. The competition marked the last appearance by both of them as Rookies, as they’ll be moving up to compete at Pro level next season. Emil Svensson was the overall winner in the Intermediate division. Both he and Kim Wolke, who finished in second place, will also become Pro athletes next season. Peter Eriksson from Svenljunga claimed third place and stole the plaudits in the fourth round with an Intermediate world record in Stock Saw (9.79 seconds) on home soil.

The Nordic Cup event last weekend was the final one for the Nordic season this year. Next up is the World Championship in Stuttgart on 3 and 4 November.

Final standings in the Nordic Cup 2023:

Pro – top 7: Women – top 5: Rookie – top 5: Intermediate – top 5:
Ferry Svan Felixia Banck Edvin Karlsson Emil Svensson
Emil Hansson Tove Njåstad Esben Pedersen Kim Wolke
Pontus Skye Alrun Uebing Adam Bjöns Peter Eriksson
Calle Svadling Åsa Nordberg Bo Andersen Bart Gevers
Vebjørn Sønsteby Emma Nilsson Johan Staf Viktor Clarmo
Samuel Hell      
Ole Magnus Syljuberget